USCS Law’s extensive litigation experience involving individuals and major local and foreign corporations and financial and banking institutions in the fields of, among other things, intra-corporate disputes; civil and criminal litigations; arbitration; banking and finance; telecommunications; power and energy; public utilities; environment; labor; intellectual property; and administrative and election assure clients of excellent and effective representation of their interests before the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, trial courts, quasi-judicial bodies, administrative agencies and other tribunals.

USCS Law’s approach is to understand the client’s objectives; to carefully study and analyze the situation; based on the wealth of experience and insightful inputs of the members of the team handling the case, to formulate a strategy which will best achieve the client’s objective at a minimum cost; and to adopt effective courses of action geared towards attaining client’s goal.

Ever mindful, however, of the value of commercial solutions at a given situation, the lawyers of USCS Law creatively explore at the same time the potential for reaching a mutually advantageous settlement.

The result is a well-thought out, optimally beneficial yet cost-effective result for the client.