Like any successful institutional law firms, USCS Law Firm has an organizational structure which combines specialization with general practice and mobilizes the talents of its lawyers under a total service concept.
In order to provide clients with the benefit of diverse talents and experience and collective responsibility, a team composed of at least three (3) lawyers is assigned to every referral. The team conducts regular meetings for the purpose of thoroughly studying the case, strategizing the legal actions to take, and monitoring any development affecting the case. To ensure a system of close monitoring and accountability, USCS conducts regular monitoring and team meetings to keep close tabs on the progress of all cases.

Areas of Practice

USCS Law Firm’s practice areas cover Commercial, Civil and Criminal Litigation; Special Projects and Corporation Law; Banking and Finance; Securities; Arbitration; Tax; Estate Planning; Labor; Intellectual Property; Telecommunications; Energy; Mining; Immigration; Insurance; Election; Public Officers; Environmental Law; Lands; Agrarian Law; Administrative Law; Cross Border Practice; and Real Estate.

General Retainer

In keeping with its commitment of taking total responsibility for the client’s legal concerns, USCS Law Firm encourages its clients to enter into a Retainer Agreement for the Firm’s legal services. A Retainer Agreement is an engagement for a fee on a monthly basis, under which the Firm renders services upon client’s request.

The services covered by the Retainer Agreement include consultations and/or preparation or rendering of advice and/or opinions on actual and/or anticipated situations; review and/or preparation of contracts, correspondence and similar documents; corporate secretarial duties; and related services which do not require extensive time involvement of the lawyers.
Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution
USCS Law Firm’s extensive litigation experience involving individuals and major local and foreign corporations and financial and banking institutions in the fields of, among other things, intra-corporate disputes; civil and criminal litigations; arbitration; banking and finance; telecommunications; power and energy; public utilities; environment; labor; intellectual property; and administrative and election assure clients of excellent and effective representation of their interests before the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, trial courts, quasi-judicial bodies, administrative agencies and other tribunals.

USCS Law Firm’s approach is to understand the client’s objectives; to carefully study and analyze the situation; based on the wealth of experience and insightful inputs of the members of the team handling the case, to formulate a strategy which will best achieve the client’s objective at a minimum cost; and to adopt effective courses of action geared towards attaining client’s goal.

Ever mindful, however, of the value of commercial solutions at a given situation, the lawyers of USCS Law Firm creatively explore at the same time the potential for reaching a mutually advantageous settlement.

The result is a well-thought out, optimally beneficial yet cost-effective result for the client.

Special Projects

USCS Law Firm’s deep and active involvement in landmark special projects involving top local and foreign companies and financial institutions will insure excellent and effective representation in, among other things, public-private partnerships; BOT transactions; insolvency and corporate rehabilitation; debt restructuring; mergers and acquisitions; public and private debt and equity financings; debt securitization; commercial contract negotiations, loans and investments; incorporations of domestic companies; registration of a branch/representative/headquarter of multinational companies; and public utilities.

Real Estate/Tax

USCS Law Firm’s extensive experience in real estate and tax practice runs the whole gamut from active representations before the Court of Tax Appeals, Bureau of Customs and Department of Finance to rendition of opinions and advice on income tax, value added tax, estate tax, donor’s tax, customs duties, protest of assessments, tax/duties refunds and tax credits, estate planning, and local government taxes.


USCS Law Firm’s impressive labor law practice consisting of, among other things, extensive advocacy before the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), collective bargaining negotiations and labor dispute negotiations likewise affords topnotch service to clients.
Intellectual Property and Immigration
USCS Law Firm has also extensive practice in Intellectual Property and Immigration with remarkable results.